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Batch No. 1: Banana Bread

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the classic loaf

If you are a true banana bread lover and just want the classic, versatile loaf you can enjoy with your morning java, your afternoon tea, or give as the perfect gift to bring to a summer bbq, look no further. Made with the freshest ingredients, Bread & Monkey's classic banana bread has the right balance of bananas and sweetness in a super moist loaf. 

By popular demand, we now offer choco choco chip banana bread; our same classic loaf with the added heavenly goodness of chocolate.

Thank You Smorgasburg

After the most amazing, fun-filled and successful Spring season at Smorgasburg, Brooklyn, we have decided to take the summer off to try some new and exciting opportunities to expand our company. 

Thank you Smorgasburg. We are eternally grateful.  #TeamSmorg