Jack Greenleaf

Jack Greenleaf


 A high school freshman, Jack Greenleaf started bread & monkey as a way to satisfy his love for baking and his budding entrepreneurial spirit.  Jack wanted a way to make money so he wouldn’t always have to rely on his parents and, too young to work in a kitchen Jack decided this past summer 2017 to start his own baking company.

Jack was inspired to bake banana bread because he felt it was something everyone loved but typically not enjoyed unless it was homemade.  He wanted to bring that fresh baked loaf to everyone so, on is first day of business, Jack handed out samples of his banana bread to his neighbors in Battery Park City.  By the end of that first day he had sold 17 loaves.  By the end of the summer, Jack expanded his offering to include banana chocolate chip bread and as the fall was approaching he developed a seasonal banana pumpkin bread.

bread & monkey banana bread can now be enjoyed at @rootsbrooklyn and @abbotsford_road on Saturdays at Smorgasburg Williamsburg.

The ingredients that go into bread & monkey banana breads are simple and fresh.  All orders are hand baked and hand deliver so you are guaranteed the freshest baked bread. 

For more information:

website: breadandmonkey.com

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